Window shopping isn't what it used to be. Now, people know about a product or service without even leaving their breakfast bar. Most prefer to make their purchases online and have them delivered straight to the door. 

With no website, you can't benefit from electronic window shopping. With a poor website, you lose their interest—fast. 

You need a professional online presence that gives customers the right information and impression immediately. What's more, you want their customer experience to motivate them to buy from you again.

You're about to embark on a DIY project but you're not 100% confident that you know exactly what you want to do or how you're going to do it. Down at the local hardware store, Old Mate explains everything and shows you the best products for the job.  

Blogs and video content brings Old Mate to their home. It's personalised service that helps you build trust and customer loyalty. Another benefit to regular blogging is that with relevant content using keywords that customers are looking for, and fresh content going on to your site all the time, Google and other search engines prioritise your business over any competitor who is not. 

Don't like writing much? Share your knowledge with me or let me do the research, and I'll create the written content for you:

-    Easy to read 'how to' articles without all the waffle 

-    Ghost written thought-leadership articles

-    Articles that feature interviews with satisfied customers

-    Entertaining articles that highlight the benefits of your product

Have a look at my series of authored or co-authored (with principals) education blogs: Option E Educating.


Look & BE  professional

Be the expert. provide free advice to your customers in regular  web Articles (Blogs)

Find more customers through targeted marketing

TESTIMONIAL (December, 2015)


I have been working with Deb for the last year on various school projects from blogs, Principal's messages and most recently on the written content on our new school website. As a result, I cannot recommend her highly enough! Deb has a gift of being able to read and hear even the most subtle of intents in a conversation and translate them into a piece of writing that reflects the original intentions completely. She is efficient, professional and very open to feedback and is also skilled at delivering feedback too! Most importantly, Deb has an amazing ability to "fit in with the team" and work alongside everyone involved. She has a way of making them all feel valued and supported in the process or project. Working with Deb is the complete package — personable, insightful, supportive and a very skilled writer as well.


Leanne Entermann


Brisbane Adventist College

Social media is now THE most influential advertising channel in the world. With a strong social media strategy, you don't have to rely on the old, expensive forms of advertising to attract a customer base. With the right tone and regular posts, you create a warm community to which people are drawn by word of mouth.

Frequent blogs go hand in hand with social media. Blogs communicate your expertise and lead consumers back to your website. This is excellent for sales and, equally importantly, rankings with search engines when consumers are looking for your product.