What do you think about church crocks?

Baz's 'church crocks':

I’ve photographed these on a beautiful autumnal background, with the purple orchid-y thing peaking out of the hole-y part so I can show them off to their best advantage.

I do this because I don’t want to bias you against them.

They were named church crocks by me: partly because of the eternal hope Barry holds that he will one day get to wear them out in public without me walking 10 paces ahead of him, and partly because they’re his ‘good’ crocks as opposed to his ‘evil’ crocks that you will see a little further down the page … Get what I mean?

He was super excited to find them in a surf shop way down the coast of southern NSW last year while we were on holidays. I mean SUPER excited. They have real leather! Surely this means they’re special.

He has high aspirations for these crocks. He's hoping they will be suitable across a wide range of genres: movies, shopping, work, restaurants… the theatre. Yet he hasn't worn them once.

He loves all crocks. Says they’re the most comfortable shoe in the world. Here are some of his others. Same background. What do you think?

(Btw, his red pair is missing because he's wearing them right now at a cycling event. Decided not to wear his church crocks as he’s saving them for 'good'.)

But for me, it’s: crocks again, really? You have to be a kid to look good in those!

I’ve honestly tried really, really hard not to be too critical of Barry’s apparel choices ... Firstly, I don’t actually believe it’s possible to change him. Secondly, maybe that is as it should be, right?

So what you think of Baz’s church crocks? When should he wear them and where? Do you feel sorry for me or am I just being a big meany?

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