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For close to 20 years, I taught high schoolers the power of storytelling. We'd sit cross-legged on the floor and I'd show them how words could fly or die depending on how they're used. We'd share poetry, prose, and art, and chat about how language and visual communication changes the way we think, feel and behave.


Now, I write fresh stories and dream up new ways of retelling old and tired ones. I uncover messages that make each story individual and extraordinary.

Debbie Hooper Cosier



Thought articles | Principal's blogs | Prospectuses | Websites | Marketing including photos & video scripts/editing | Technical documents | Policy | Annual reports

Quals: B.Ed, M.Ed

(English, Sociology, Philosophy)


Press releases

Human Interest articles

Investigative articles

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Video scripts & editing

Social media content & management



Technical documents


Electronic Direct Mail




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How do I enhance my argument with imagery & story?

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I'm having trouble finishing! HELP!?

What's wrong with purple prose?

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I've worked with Deb since 2015 on various school projects from blogs, Principal's messages, Leadership emails, marketing collateral such as content for videos and the College website, and on technical documents produced by our College. As a communications specialist, I cannot recommend her highly enough! Deb has a gift of being able to read and hear even the most subtle of intents in a conversation and translate them into a piece of writing that reflects the original intentions completely. She is efficient, professional and very open to feedback and is also skilled at delivering feedback too! Most importantly, Deb has an amazing ability to "fit in with the team" and work alongside everyone involved. She has a way of making them all feel valued and supported in the process or project. Working with Deb is the complete package — personable, insightful, supportive and a very skilled writer as well.


Leanne Entermann, Principal Brisbane Adventist College



Social Impact Institute has worked very successfully with Debbie Cosier on a variety of projects over the past seven years. Work completed for Social Impact Institute and our clients includes writing articles and press releases, copy for websites, video scripts, brochures and magazines, event driven marketing and social media. For each of these medias, she has also been involved in planning structure and visual conceptualisation. 


Debbie always takes a comprehensive brief, maintains strong communication throughout the writing process and invariably hits the brief as a result. Her work is excellent and valued by our Social Impact Institute team and our clients. 


David Jack, CEO Social Impact Institute

0400 078 555

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