​Good writing, editing and proofreading enables you to maintain a strong, professional image. To ensure that your website, magazine, brochure, blog (web article), or any content based media is ready for publication, Fresh Writing offers the following services:

MARKETING COLLATERAL should be professionally written and graphically presented in a way that makes people sit up and take notice. The right feature pages, infographics, diagrams, reports and summaries help your business stand out from the crowd.

PROFESSIONAL CONTENT WRITING  makes your website, press release, industry blogs or annual report worthy representations of you. I research and produce your content, always prioritising your image.

GHOST WRITING is based on your ideas or topics. If you need a blog article for your website, spend five to ten minutes on the phone with me and I'll create the content in your name.  

EDITING is a no holds barred editing and commentary on early drafts. Get some help streamlining your writing and managing technical and style issues. Impress your customers and competition.


PROOFREADING is a careful review of your final draft to get

it ready for submission.


websites | brochures | annual reports

CONTENT you can be proud of!

 hope 2 day brochure

BLOGGING makes you a thought leader in your field

TESTIMONIAL (April, 2016)


4community has worked very successfully with Debbie Cosier on a variety of projects over the past two years. Work completed for 4community and our clients includes writing copy for websites, video scripts, brochures and magazines, event driven marketing and social media. For each of these medias, she has also been involved in planning structure and visual conceptualisation. Debbie has prepared web articles (blogs) and content for case for support documents and other technical pieces.


Debbie always takes a comprehensive brief, maintains strong communication throughout the writing process and invariably hits the brief as a result. Her work is excellent and valued by our 4community team and our clients. 


David Jack, CEO 4community