The unbearable cruelty of hens

Ruby, my sick hen had been confined to a smaller cage to get better. She was joined by Clucky. Clucky was furious at me whenever I came near the cage, telling me off with a ferocity I'd not seen from her before. She’d gone broody, or 'clucky' as my mum called it when I was a kid and used to spend hours stroking my pair of bantams, Jasper and Janine. It's a natural phenomenon that occurs when hen’s eggs are left in the nest too long and they decide to incubate them (Nature). But let me take you back to how Clucky came to join sickly Ruby in the smaller cage. Clucky had escaped the chook pen. It didn't worry me much except for the fact that I knew she was laying eggs under the house where I co

And they say love is hard to find

Dear Single Friend, I hear you're not having much fun in the dating game and I really just want to offer my love, support and a wee story that might make you feel a bit better. But first, let me tell you what I heard a relationship expert say the other day. He said that nearly everybody marries the 'wrong' person. Apparently, attraction and hormones compel us toward people who are not perfectly and completely right for us. But worrying about uncovering something weird about the person you're dating (or worrying you might accidentally reveal something weird about yourself) is pointless. We should all just start off every first date with “So ... tell me about your weirdness?” I suggest you war

I never asked you to rearrange my furniture

You don’t walk into someone’s living room and change their furniture. You just don’t. The things we choose to include in our living rooms are personal. A friend of ours has a fully-functioning, six foot Dalek standing in his living room. Being a Dr Who fan, he chooses this massive alien machine-organism as a feature. I have preferences that probably don't make sense to everyone too, like the blowervac that I keep handy behind the lounge or the cafe series coffee machine and grinder that I've had sitting behind the door for the past six months. (Wanna buy?? Name your price.) Here's a picture of my living room. It has more than one and a half walls of glass. My front door consists of two overs

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