Dear Australia, I know it's our 'big day' but...

January 26, 2016 To: Sunburnt Country Sweeping Plain Dear Australia I feel nervous about sharing this with you on Australia Day. Especially as it's our 'big day'. It's just that this past year I have found myself thinking about breaking up with you. I feel awful saying this because you've been so good to me at times and I know that I'll miss you if I leave. But now you're letting me down. You're disappointing me, hurting me. You're not who I thought you were. I can't help feeling ashamed of you, fantasising about packing up my gear and leaving without giving you my forwarding address. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the one who's changed. The first time I really felt that we were no longer in sy

And be 'great full', Princesses!!!

‘You got hit on? Big deal bitch!!! STFU you over sensitive cow and be great full someone thinks you are beautiful instead of whining about it’ (January 5, 2016). This was directed to Mel McLaughlin after cricketer Chris Gayle propositioned her on national television last Monday night. Calling flirting ‘sexist’ confuses us. This Facebook commenter (and the many others like him) might actually believe that Gayle was bestowing his public approval on McLaughlin. Why shouldn’t she feel flattered by that? And why should flirting attract a $10,000 fine? Gayle was merely being generous and appreciative, and it was thrown back in his face, right? To some extent I understand why people might feel this

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